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Starting in 2010, I partnered with Dan Metully and launched Transportwatch.com. There are two main goals of Transport Watch. One goal is to help reduce and prevent fraud in the industry by making it easier for companies to post alerts on fraudulant activity. The second goal is to help smaller carriers, brokerages, or any company associated with the transportation industry promote their services.

The site is currently built using Adobe Coldfusion with MS-SQL for the back-end. We're currently working on a newer version of the site that will be PHP based and more friendly to mobile devices.

Latest Musing:

2013-03-19 - Hello World!

Well it has finally happen, I finally launched a personal website! For those that know me, this has been a joke that has been going on for years. Unlike my fake site that I "launched" on April Fool's last year, this is the real thing. As for those that don't know me, welcome and please read the about section of this site! ...Read More