Cha Cha Chaaanges!

Obviously, if you visited this site before, there is a new look! Yes folks, I decided to bring my site up to the 21st century. Like an old steam locomotive that switched to Diesel, this site is ready to roll!*

After some thought, I have decided to change the focus of my site from a standard portfolio based site to a more blog oriented site. When I built the original site, I was transitioning from a full time job at the University of Montana to freelancing and was trying to strike a balance on this site between a personal site and a site to sell my services. I was somewhat conflicted by that decision and never was satisfied with it. With a recent move down to the Bay Area from Missoula Montana, and possibly a change in my career, I decided that it was time to update it.

So! That being said, I have the following goals for the site.

Right now, I'm currently working on a large overhaul of the technologies used on this site. I traditionally had it as an Codeigniter Application (PHP) under a standard LAMP stack. Recently, I had been experimenting with NGINX and Django (Python) as well as several other technologies which I will elaborate on in due time.

While it's all neat and shiny, some of you might be thinking "That is pretty cool Craig, but don't most blogs have a place to leave feedback???" Well, um, yeah. It will be here on Tuesday.

While I can easily fire up a WordPress Blog, I feel that this website would be a good candidate for me to try out new frameworks and technologies, and a good way to test them out is to make a custom blog. Additionally, the images used on the banner has been taken by me, since I felt, that if it's a personal website, I better "eat my own dog food".

Finally, I do want to give a shout out to Keenan Payne for making an awesome CSS framework called Concise which I am using on this website.

Expect more to be posted here shortly... I promise!

* not responsible for electrical or fire hazards. Visit at your own risk!


Hello World!

Following tradition, anything new has to start with "Hello World!".